Office Staff

Erin Martens
Erin Martens

Erin is in her 11th year at Unity Christian School.  Favourite pastimes are spending time with her 4 grandchildren, camping and holidaying on a sunny beach!  Enjoyable and favourite moments are getting to know all the kids as they come into the office. It is so great being a PreK-12 campus now as we get to see the kids grow up; making those connections with the kids when they are small and keeping them as they grow is very rewarding!

Christina Dieleman
Office Assistant
Michelle Huberts
Bookeeper, Development Coordinator
Marvin Kingma
Business Administrator
Rob Stace-Smith
IT Support
Jane van Eerden
Evelyn van Egdom
Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Yu
International Student Coordinator
Cheryl Visser
Bus Coordinator