The Unity Christian curriculum, pedagogy, assessment practices, policies, procedures and extra-curricular activities will faithfully reflect the Lordship of Christ over all.

    Unity Christian graduates will:

    • compassionately strive to restore creation
    • be humble servants of God in families, neighbourhoods, communities, nations and the world
    • be stewards of God’s world
    • love and respect themselves and others as image bearers of God

    Unity Christian seeks to engage students, parents, employees and alumni in the enterprise of learning; all focused on the same outcome of learners equipped with faith and prepared to serve the school, the community, and wherever the Kingdom needs them.

    Unity Christian graduates will:

    • collaborate with and positively contribute to community
    • recognize their gifts to further God’s Kingdom both globally and locally
    • love their neighbour as themselves
    • recognize that they are created as relational beings
    • celebrate the joy and need of being in a supportive community


    Unity Christian seeks to transform the life of each student, where each one’s experience is recognized, story is heard, and potential, talents and abilities are discovered and nurtured.

    Unity Christian graduates will:

    • know that they are loved as unique children of God
    • extend and receive grace
    • recognize, respect, and seek to understand the diversity of opinions and viewpoints
    • develop empathy towards caring for others both in local and global communities

    Unity Christian welcomes families and students of all Christian traditions as well as those who demonstrate a sincere interest in the Christian faith. Unity Christian seeks to include within its community those students with special educational needs who possess varying learning abilities or come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds.

    Unity Christian graduates will:

    • have an appreciation and understanding for the uniqueness of others
    • demonstrate respect for others, even when they have opinions and ideas that differ from their own
    • recognize the God-given skills and gifts of others and encourage one another in these abilities
    • be a respectful communicator and an active listener
    • recognize opportunities to enfold others, particularly the more vulnerable


    Unity Christian seeks to engage, challenge and instruct students in ways distinctive to each, according to their unique academic potential and learning style.

    Unity Christian graduates will:

    • be lifelong learners, willing to take risks to learn and grow
    • positively develop their skills, knowledge, and attitudes
    • develop and use their gifts to respond to God’s calling, becoming who God wants them to be
    • be creative and innovative
    • persevere through prayer and dedication
    • desire to be intentionally excellent 


    Unity Christian believes in the importance of students who are critical thinkers and able to engage our culture through a lens of faith. Therefore, the Unity Christian community seeks to be a safe but not sheltering place.

    Unity Christian graduates will:

    • be enveloped in a Christian worldview that seeks to engage with the world in which we live
    • be Biblically literate
    • be able to articulate their faith and live it out
    • think critically as they make life decisions

    Grad Profile