Elementary School

    Unity’s elementary classrooms and hallways are full of engaging and authentic learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to learn about who God is, who they are as God’s children, what God’s world is like, and what their role is in caring for God’s world and developing the Kingdom of God. Each classroom has its own sense of community and character, all adding to a delightful and caring ethos within the whole division. Students are empowered to participate and to take ownership of their learning through a wide variety of hands-on and creative learning opportunities.

    From Kindergarten through to Grade 5, students are engaged in learning activities that foster a love for learning and a curiosity about the world around them. They are engaged in learning experiences that encourage them to ask questions, investigate and to seek answers, to explore and experience the delights of God’s world. Students are also encouraged to be discerning and to find ways in which they can better serve and support all of God’s people.

    Learning in the elementary ranges from individual to small group to whole class learning and includes various field trips. Centres, projects, and experiments are among some of the planned learning activities students have. Students experience cross-graded learning opportunities in a variety of areas as well as the opportunity to develop their skills in different disciplines. Our elementary students are provided rich academic learning activities, physical fitness and healthy living experiences, French language learning (beginning at Grade 4), explorations in the arts and foundational Biblical instruction.

    Elementary chapels take place twice a month and focus on a chapel theme for the year. These are led by either a class or by the chapel team. Students are able to share their love for God and others as well as learn more about their own walk with God.

    Intermediate students have the opportunity to participate in CORE (a lunchtime activity in either the arts, coding or physical activity), intramurals, track and field, drama etc. The Grade 5 students are able to develop their leadership goals through jobs around the school.