Mission: Our athletic department’s goal is to assist students in reaching their God-given potential in sports and life.  

    The primary objective of Unity Christian Athletics is to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible to develop a lifelong passion for sport and healthy, active living. Through sport, students build confidence, sportsmanship, commitment, integrity, leadership, discipline, and teamwork. Sport is a powerful teacher that promotes character development, self-reflection, empathy, and collaboration. Sport teaches many life lessons and allows students to put their faith into action on and off the court or field. Our focus is to worship God through sport and play for His glory.

    Students at Unity are encouraged to participate in as many sports as possible. We feel athletes will benefit long-term from trying multiple sports in high school.  

    Goals of Flames Athletic Program 
    1. To develop a lifelong passion for sport and healthy/active living.
    2. To facilitate the pursuit of personal best and athletic excellence through competition, hard work, fair play, and teamwork.
    3. To build healthy, supportive, and safe sporting environments where students can maximize their potential through self-actualization and discovery.
    4. To enhance school spirit and pride by providing as many opportunities as possible to participate in school and intramural teams.
    5. To learn to worship God through sport and demonstrate Christ-like behaviour on the field or court.
    6. To celebrate and value individual and team successes.
    7. To support students in balancing co-curricular responsibilities and commitments.