Unity Christian School is a society-run school governed by the Societies Act of the province of British Columbia and is a registered charitable organization. The Societies Act requires that Unity has a constitution and bylaws. These documents govern the business that we conduct. Our society is made up of parents/guardians of current students as well as alumni and long-standing community stakeholders that have applied and been granted membership. 

    The society officially meets twice per year:

    1. Fall - Special Meeting of Members -  the Unity Board of Directors presents the previous years' financials. 
    2. Spring - Annual General Meeting - the System Principal provides a "Year in Review" and the Board of Director report on the school's progress towards reaching the vision statements and strategic plan laid out by the board and endorsed by the society.  

    Operational Leadership

    Educational Leadership

    The Board of Directors:

    The board of the Chilliwack Christian School Society (Unity Christian School) consists of 9 persons elected by the Society. It then elects officers who serve as chair, vice chair, secretary, and various other standing committee functions. 

    The board acts as the guardian of the vision and mission of the school society. Through the System Principal, they ensure the school’s day-to-day plans and activities fulfill the school’s mission and vision. Each board member serves a term of office for three years and, in most cases, is expected to serve an additional three years. The school board’s duties include:

    • Determining school policies that fit with the school’s vision and mission
    • Appointing and supervising the System Principal
    • Ensuring the implementation of the Strategic Plan
    • Ensuring the short-term and long-term financial sustainability of the school
    • Advancing the cause of Christian education

    The Board Nominations Committee (a standing committee of the board) is charged with finding suitable candidates to fill vacancies on the board as they arise. They seek out committed Christians with specific gifts and abilities to maintain a diverse group of leaders who work together to guard the mission and vision of Unity Christian School.

    The 2021 -22 School Board of Directors:

    • Board Chair: John Kampman
    • Vice-Chair: Lisa Smiens
    • Secretary: Sandra Van Veen
    • Treasurer: Doug Ensink
    • Brandon Kloot
    • Kyle Schuurman
    • Ed Kuipers
    • Earl Pauls
    • Andrea Bakker

    Please direct all correspondence to the Board Secretary, Sandra Van Veen.