International Program

    British Columbia is a diverse society. People from all parts of the globe contribute to the social, cultural, and linguistic fabric of our province. More importantly, the Kingdom of God is a multicultural faith community – there is strength and unity in our diversity. This diversity is mirrored in our schools’ population, both in the contributions made and in the unique needs that must be addressed.

    Unity Christian School welcomes international students. Not only do we have a great program for international students looking for a quality education but we also provide varied opportunities for those students to begin to master the English language. We highly value international students because of the positive impact that these students have on the educational experience of our Canadian students.

    The purpose of ELL services is to assist students to become proficient in English, to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, to meet our Grad Profile, and to achieve the expected learning outcomes and competencies of the provincial curriculum. 

    Principles that underpin ELL services:

    • English language proficiency and knowledge of the cultures of Canada are fundamental to the success of students in the British Columbia school system and in BC society.
    • Students require both social and academic language competence in order to participate fully in educational programs.  Academic language competence is more difficult to acquire and takes more time to master than social language.
    • Respect for and valuing an individual's first language(s) and culture is important in order for English language learners to succeed.
    • Students benefit from seeing their own history, literature, and culture reflected in their school experiences.
    • Parents play a vital role in the education of their children by working in partnership with educators. Parental support is an important component of English language learners education. Parents should be encouraged to actively participate in the learning process.

    Teaching staff are trained and advised on how to best meet the needs of international students. At Unity Christian School, a unique program has been devised to best meet the needs of the international students. Our International Coordinator also communicates with the parents of the students and advocates on behalf of the students as the need arises. Our coordinator also helps parents with the enrollment process and the BC medical services plan. 

    Unity Christian School has been blessed by the presence of international students and past students report that they have been enriched by their experience in our school community.

    Ambassador Program 
    The Unity Ambassador Program aims to foster community between our international and Canadian students. We want to show hospitality and the love of Christ to those who are new in our community. Every international student is buddied with an ambassador for the duration of the school year. The role of an ambassador is to reach out and connect with international students, to connect them to the Unity community, and to help them feel comfortable in their new environment. Throughout the year, international students and ambassadors will take part in fun activities inside and outside of school hours.    

    We have a limited number of spaces within our International Student Program. For more information, please contact our International Student Program Coordinator, Jennifer Yu.