High School

    One aspect of the mission of Unity Christian School is to nurture students' God-given potential. Therefore, our High School program is geared toward meeting the unique learning needs of students with various interests and gifts. We recently developed a Metalwork program to ensure we can develop our students' creative, mechanical, and scientific gifts. Because our mission is focused on nurturing a student's God-given potential, our program supports and encourages students in their pursuit of careers that take them to University, College, or Technical schools. Whatever career a student pursues after high school, our aim is that our graduates will be ambassadors for Christ, making a difference in the lives of those around them. 

    Living a counter-cultural life, becoming what the apostle Peter refers to as a "peculiar people," requires that our students develop cultural discernment. Discernment is one of our core values; the ability to engage culture through a lens of faith, to make choices that honour God, and then to live them out. We encourage students to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, think critically of the world's messages, seek wisdom, not be distracted by money and media, and look to the interest of others.

    Modular Bible Program (Grade 11/12): The Bible 11 and 12 curriculum includes elective modules; areas of choice for students, and core/compulsory modules. Enabling students to be active participants is well-recognized as a powerful motivator. For this reason, an option is provided to give students a sense of agency in their education.   

    FLEX TIME – Student Ownership of Learning: Flex is a period of time that staff will use to assist students outside of the regular class structure but during part of the school day. The purpose of Flex time is to allow Unity staff to be more creative and successful in meeting some of the challenges that our students face in our modern, fast-paced world. Unity's Flex program has been designed around the needs of students and grounded in a belief that when students have active involvement in their education, coupled with the ability to make choices in their education, the result will be a more balanced, rewarding and successful educational process.

    A FLEX block in the school schedule will allow:

    • more students to have better access to instruction
    • a chance each week for either support or enrichment, resulting in increased student success
    • development of skills and competencies necessary to make choices around one's education which has a positive correlation to successful post-secondary and future employment opportunities 

    Field Trips: At Unity Christian School, we realize that a lot of great learning happens outside of the classroom. We often look for opportunities to extend our learning beyond the walls of our schools. Our High School students participate in a wide range of field trips that stretch as far as Vancouver Island, Gambier Island and the Okanagan Valley. Grade-specific, curricular, and extra-curricular trips allow students to explore God's creation firsthand.