Middle School

    As you walk the hallways and observe the learning spaces in Middle School, you will quickly realize that the Middle School has a unique learning culture and ethos. Our Middle School is specifically geared to serve the particular needs of students in grades 6 to 8. The early years of adolescence are a pivotal and distinct period of growth and development, and it is important to plan learning experiences that respond to the developmental characteristics and needs of young adolescents. 

    Our staff team is relational, growth-minded and student-centered and set the collaborative learning culture of Middle School. Staff empower students to take personal ownership of their learning and encourage student choice when given opportunities to demonstrate their learning. Students participate in cross-grade and cross-curricular learning activities that promote a holistic view of knowledge, prioritizing understanding and transference over rote memorization and regurgitation of facts. Students participate in relevant and exploratory learning activities such as Digital Citizenship Week, Heritage Fair, Marble Works, Boat Building, and Geography Challenge. 

    Our Middle School has created a set of guiding principles. We are a learning community: 

    • that provides curricular learning experiences that are relevant, challenging, integrative, and exploratory.
    • that stresses the redemptive, restorative and renewing power of God's grace.
    • that recognizes and affirms each person's gifts and opportunities, potential, and capacity as image bearers of God.
    • that celebrates learners who faithfully put forward their best effort, persevere through difficulties and reach new areas of growth; learning is celebrated.
    • that recognizes the uniqueness of a young adolescent in their learning and spiritual development; differentiated teaching strategies are implemented to serve all students.
    • that places a high value on positive relationships and an inviting school culture.
    • where students are given ownership and choice in the learning process.
    • that intentionally structures cross-curricular and cross-age learning opportunities.
    • where students are taught how to use technology for self-directed learning, engagement, and empowerment; to expand learning and create a better world.     


    CREW – We are Crew, Not Passengers

    CREW is a multiage grade group (6 – 8) that meets every Monday morning and Friday afternoon for 25 minutes. Students also sit with their CREW on Friday mornings during chapel. An important part of Middle School is for students to connect and build community across grade differentiations. CREW is a time for grade 6 – 8 students to connect and learn in a meaningful way throughout the year. Further, CREW allows every child to have an adult advocate check in and check out at the start and end of each week. The curricular content of CREW is devoted to instilling the character traits outlined in our Grad Profile.