Who We Are

    Unity Christian School has offered quality Christ-centered education in the Upper Fraser Valley since 1969. Our school community is firmly committed to assisting its students in developing their God-given potential to enable them to join in the work of building the Kingdom of God. The Christian community of Unity, in grateful obedience to God, seeks to educate children in the light of the infallible Word of God. We believe that children are image-bearers of God who have unique gifts and talents. 

    Unity Christian School offers a distinctive approach to Christian education and is an outstanding choice for education in Chilliwack. Unity students will reach their unique academic potential as Unity Christian offers a wide variety of course selections, utilizes cutting-edge resources, and strengthens extracurricular programs in applied skills, fine arts, and athletics. 

    Core Values

    Dedication of our all to God The Unity Christian curriculum, pedagogy, assessment practices, policies, procedures, and extracurricular activities will faithfully reflect the Lordship of Christ over all.

    Community Unity Christian seeks to engage students, parents, employees, and alumni in the enterprise of learning, all focused on the same outcome of learners equipped with faith and prepared to serve the school, the community, and wherever the Kingdom needs them.

    Grace Unity Christian seeks to transform the lives of each student, where each one’s experience is recognized; story is heard; and potential, talents, and abilities are discovered and nurtured.

    Acceptance and Inclusiveness Unity Christian welcomes families and students of all Christian traditions as well as those who demonstrate a sincere interest in the Christian faith. Unity Christian seeks to include within its community those students with special educational needs, who possess varying learning abilities and come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds.

    Challenge Unity Christian seeks to engage, challenge and instruct students in ways distinctive to each, according to their unique academic potential and learning style.

    Discernment Unity Christian believes in the importance of students who are critical thinkers and able to engage our culture through a lens of faith. Therefore, the Unity Christian community seeks to be a safe but not sheltering place.

    Unity Christian School Core Values

    Our Community & Parental Involvement

    Unity is a vibrant community of teaching and learning. If you have the opportunity to walk through the halls, you will notice a great ethos amongst our students and staff. We believe that this is a great place to work and a great place for our students to learn. There is an atmosphere of care and respect, but also one of fun and laughter. We laugh together, we cry together, and we live and grow together. 

    We believe strongly in partnering with parents! Parental involvement is encouraged in order to create a community approach. There are many opportunities, both inside and outside of school, to get involved.

    All of our volunteers need to have a criminal record check done in order to volunteer in the classroom, with exploratories, on field trips, and with sporting events. Contact the office to find out how to submit your criminal record check, or to ensure it is up to date.