Tuition at Unity Christian School ranges from $2862 to $9426 per year, per family, depending on how many children you have and what their grade levels are (ranging from 1 child to 4 or more children). The total yearly fee may be divided up into 10-month payments or 12-month payments, which can be paid via cash, cheque or direct debit.

For students at the Elementary campus, tuition includes all school supplies and all field trips.

For students at the Middle/High campus, tuition includes some school supplies and all field trips.

***It is important to note that under an agreement with Revenue Canada, Unity Christian School is able to offer parents a tax receipt for a significant portion of the tuition. Receipt amounts vary depending on the number of children in each family.
In addition to tuition costs, the following costs may be incurred:
·         - hot lunches (optional)
·         - school clothing (optional)
·         - $18 PE shirt (mandatory)
·         - $75 Athletic fee for any student on a team (one time fee for the school year)
·         - ‘Pizza Day' - $2.00/slice or $20/punch card of 12 (optional)
There are many other hot lunch fundraisers that are run throughout the year. Students will be notified about these in advance.The occasional course will require the students to bring certain supplies from home, but for the most part, there are no hidden costs.
We do offer bussing. Bussing fees are not included in the tuition and are $90 for part-time use and $120 for full-time per month, per family.