Unity Christian School's mission is to enable every child to reach their God-given potential. This can occur through academics, fine arts, applied skills, athletics, and other extracurricular opportunities. We know that God has big plans for each and every one of the students at Unity and we partner with both home and church to help our students see this big plan.

    Unity offers 4 major fundraisers during the school year (see below). The goal of each event is to foster community as well as raise funds for capital items and projects that fall outside of the operating budget at Unity but fall within the mission and vision of the school. Our new bus fleet, playground, metalwork program, 21st-century classrooms, and classroom furniture are all examples of how these funds have been spent at Unity.  

    Unity Golf Tournament: Friday after the September Long Weekend
    Pie Day: Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day
    Auction & Celebration: 3rd Saturday in November
    Gala Dinner: Spring