As a Christian school, Unity offers Bible classes, chapels and devotional times. However, we believe that those things alone do not make a Christian school. We believe that all of life comes under the lordship of Christ, and so our entire curriculum and all of our activities at school are infused with a Biblical worldview. In classrooms, God is the centre of our curriculum, regardless of what we are teaching. Students are given opportunity to explore, experience and evaluate all of life under God. They are assisted in developing their God-given potential to enable them to join in the work of building the Kingdom of God. We believe that God is infused into every aspect of our lives and every square centimeter of Unity. We are a safe, but not a sheltering, environment where students are taught to be discerning and responsible about engaging in the world in which we live.

    Our aim is to enfold and develop the uniqueness of each child. We strive to provide for each child's social, emotional, cognitive, ethical, aesthetic, economic, physical and spiritual growth, so that each child is equipped to be a Christ-like servant.

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